Our team of experts are working in several countries to bring software projects to success.

We manage two kinds of projects:

  • Projects owned by us, as business and investment opportunities
  • Projects where we provide project management on a contractual basis.

Good project management can be the key factor in software project success, especially as the project size grows. If one looks at historical data of larger ($1M+) software projects, it’s easy to see how failure rate grows incrementally. The key skill here is to be able to separate the project into bite-size sub-projects, find the key talent (programmers, domain experts, key account managers, etc) that can plan, execute, test and deploy each subproject, which together, via well-defined interfaces, add up to something larger than the sum of its parts.

Another key issue is the arrangement of financing. While many believe that software projects are made or broke on the technical skills (which is partly true of course), many people forget the cash flow issue. It’s mandatory to manage the flow of resources at all times, and our team, thanks to our wide-ranging contacts in various networks, can provide this. Funding from private money, from research and government funds, from issuing of the appropriate bonds and shares, from venture capital funds, and even loans on good terms can push the boat of a project all the way and beyond break-even, towards an IPO and other ways of realizing profits for the original stakeholders.